BMW vs Audi

BMW vs Audi

It’s time to give your Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, FL, travels an upgrade. Go ahead and treat yourself to a luxury SUV or sedan by purchasing a BMW or Audi vehicle. Both brands provide drivers with access to premium amenities, unstoppable performance, and much more, but which one has the model that’s right for you?

To help you learn more, we at BMW of Fort Walton Beach have created a variety of BMW vs. Audi reviews. Each review takes a detailed look at these brands and their models to help you see which vehicle most closely matches your needs.

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About BMW and Audi: A Brief History

Both BMW and Audi are German-engineered luxury brands. They also both have rich histories that date back more than 100 years. Audi was founded in 1932 after four different automakers—Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer—joined forces.

BMW, the other hand, has been around since 1916. They first created engines for airplanes until the restriction of aero-engines during and after WWI. Shortly after, they turned to motorcycles. Then, in 1928, the first BMW automobile was manufactured.

When looking for a luxury brand with a rich history and that are experts in engines and all things automobile, BMW is the way to go.

BMW 5 Series Interior with Apple CarPlay™ Technology

BMW vs Audi: Premium Amenities

When looking to purchase a new vehicle, particularly a luxury vehicle, you can rest assured that your new ride is full of premium amenities. Features like heated and ventilated, leather-trimmed seats are offered with both brands, as well as access to modern technology features like Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

Another premium amenity you can find offered with both brands is a panoramic roof. This larger-than-life sunroof floods the cabin with natural lighting, giving both front- and rear-seat passengers access to an unobstructed view of the sky above.

BMW goes a step further with the BMW X7. This SUV not only comes standard with a panoramic roof but also comes optional with a Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof, a feature that’s not offered with any Audi vehicle.

With this, the panoramic roof is boarded with lights, allowing you to illuminate the cabin from above, even at night or on cloudy days.

BMW M8 Grand Coupe


Unstoppable Power

Luxury brands like Audi and BMW give you access to premium amenities that are sure to improve your commutes. However, they also provide unstoppable power, thanks to their turbocharged engines. These almighty engines are found on both the sedans and SUVs of these brands.

Let’s take a closer look!

Supercharged Sedans

The BMW M8 and Audi R8 are equipped with almighty engines that are sure to leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing tall. While both models offer impressive power, the M8 packs more punch than the R8.

BMW M8 vs Audi R8 Engine Specs





4.4L BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8

5.2L V10




Acceleration (0 – 60 MPH)

3 seconds

3.6 seconds

With this kind of power, your trips to work and to the grocery store are sure to be full of thrills.

Unstoppable SUVs

The BMW X7 and Audi Q8 are two powerful SUVs. However, the BMW X7 powers ahead of the Q8, thanks to its impressively charged capabilities.

BMW X7 vs Audi Q8 Engine Specs





4.4L BMW ALPINA Bi-Turbo V8

3.0L turbocharged 6-cylinder




Acceleration (0 – 60 MPH)

4 seconds

5.6 seconds

In terms of SUVs, there’s no competing when it comes to the raw power offered by BMW.

BMW vs Audi: Which Will You Choose?

Both BMW and Audi are reliable brands that provide the drivers of Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, with ultimate commuting experiences.

Which brand provides the model that most closely aligns with your needs? Click any of the links on this page to learn more, then visit us at BMW of Fort Walton Beach to get an up-close look for yourself!

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