BMW X7 vs Audi Q8

BMW X7 vs Audi Q8

Ready to give your Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, FL, travels an upgrade? Want other drivers to look to you as the natural leader of the roadways? Sounds like you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a luxurious SUV like the 2021 BMW X7 or Audi Q8.

Since both vehicles shine in their own way, we at BMW of Fort Walton Beach have created this BMW X7 vs. Audi Q8 comparison. Keep reading to learn more!

BMW X7 Engine Specs

BMW X7 Horsepower

Taking the Lead: Performance Capabilities

With the roar of your engine, you’ll find that other drivers move aside when you drive a luxury SUV like the X7 or Q8. This is perfect, since both vehicles are fueled by turbocharged engines that want nothing more than for you to release their inner beast.

In terms of standard power, both the X7 and Q8 offer the same output with 335 horsepower. The Q8 can’t get any more power, since the 3.0L engine is its only offered motor. However, the X7 comes with two additional engines, each offering a hair-raising experience…

BMW X7 Optional Engines


4.4L BMW M TwinPower Turbo V8

4.4L BMW ALPINA Bi-Turbo V8





553 lb-ft

590 lb-ft

Acceleration (0 – 60 MPH)

4.5 seconds

4 seconds

With just the one engine configuration, the Q8 can’t get anywhere close to this amount of power.

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BMW X7 Interior Space

BMW X7 Interior Dashboard

BMW X7 vs Audi Q8 Dimensions

Driving an SUV means having access to extra space for passengers to stretch out comfortably. In terms of exterior space, the X7 is larger, coming in at 203.3 inches compared to 196.6 inches with the Q8.

How does this size difference affect the interior dimensions? First, the X7 comes standard with three rows of seating while the Q8 only offers seating for up to five passengers.

Let’s take a closer look at the interior dimensions of the X7 vs. Q8…

BMW X7 vs Audi Q8 Interior Dimensions




Headroom (first/second/third row)

41.9 inches / 39.9 inches / 36.6 inches

37.1 inches / 38.1 inches / N/A

Legroom (first/second/third row)

39.8 inches / 37.6 inches / 33.3 inches

41.6 inches / 40.2 inches / N/A

Shoulder room (first/second/third row)

60 inches / 58.1 inches / 47.9 inches

59.5 inches / 58.5 inches / N/A

Not only does the larger frame of the X7 allow for an extra row of seating, but it also provides everyone extra wiggle room.

BMW X7 Interior Technology

Larger-Than-Life Premium Interior Amenities

Being luxury SUVs, you can rest assured that both vehicles are equipped with premium interior amenities that are sure to elevate your commutes. A standard panoramic glass roof is offered with both the X7 and Q8, making it feel like your cabin is as large as the eye can see.

While this standard feature is offered with both models, only the X7 comes with the optional Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof.

With this feature, a series of color-changing LED lights are mounted around the panoramic roof. This way, if it’s a cloudy day but you still crave the warmth of the sun, you can shine artificial light down from the roof.

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BMW X7 vs Audi Q8: The Verdict

As you can see in our BMW X7 vs. Audi Q8 comparison, both these luxury vehicles offer the drivers of Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, access to premium amenities and powerful performance capabilities. You can only choose one SUV, though, so our choice is the 2021 X7 because of its extra power, extra space, and extra amenities.

Learn more about the BMW X7 and take it for a test drive by visiting us at BMW of Fort Walton Beach today!

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