BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLE

BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLE

Do you strive to be a leader of the roads of Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida? Want to make heads turn every time you get behind the wheel? Sounds like a luxury SUV is just what you need to take your travels to the next level.

We at BMW of Fort Walton Beach have found two SUVs that fit your need: the 2021 BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE. To help you decide which is right for your needs, we’ve put together this BMW X5 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLE review.

Keep reading to see which automobile is right for you!


SUV Efficiency

When getting behind the wheel to go to work, your kid’s soccer practice, or on a family vacation, the last thing you want to plan out is the stops you’ll make at the gas pump. Instead, treat yourself to a fuel-efficient SUV like the X5 or GLE.

The Mercedes-Benz GLE lets you cover greater distances with fewer stops, thanks to its EPA-estimated 19 city/26 highway MPG. The BMW X5 provides a similar fuel efficiency with its EPA-estimated 21 city/26 highway MPG rating.

Want a more improved fuel efficiency? The X5 offers a hybrid powertrain. Check out how this hybrid model can improve your travels…

  • Combined MPGe: 50 miles
  • Electrical Range: 30 miles
  • Total Range: 400 miles

The Mercedes-Benz GLE doesn’t come with a hybrid powertrain.

BMW X5 Interior Headroom

BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLE Dimensions

Being an SUV, these luxury vehicles offer plenty of space for your whole family to join you in your travels. Need to bring equipment—like luggage, sports equipment, or groceries—along for the ride? Plenty of cargo space also awaits you with these vehicles.

Let’s see which one provides the space you need…

BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLE Dimensions




Headroom (front/rear)

40.7 inches/39.4 inches

40.5 inches/36.9 inches

Legroom (front/rear)

39.8 inches/37.4 inches

40.3 inches/40.9 inches

Cargo Capacity

56.5 to 72.3 cubic feet (maximum)

33.3 cubic feet/74.9 cubic feet

Both the X5 and GLE shine in their own ways when it comes to interior dimensions. Those looking for extra headroom should turn to the X5. Those wanting more legroom will find that with the GLE.

BMW X5 Driving

Make Heads Turn: Design

The premium design of your luxury SUV will let everyone know you’re the leader of the road. Features like optional Icon Adaptive Full LED Headlights with Laserlight in the X5 will let other drivers know you’re coming. These lights act like horizontal spotlights, drawing attention to your SUV.

The GLE also comes with LED headlights, but you won’t have as direct of a light beam without the Laserlight feature.

The X5 also takes the lead in wheel height. Stand tall, confident, and proud on the roadways with the optional 22-inch wheels compared to the optional 21-inch wheels on the GLE.

BMW X5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLE: The Verdict

When it’s time to enhance your Destin, Panama City, and Fort Walton Beach, FL, travels, upgrading to a luxury SUV like the 2021 X5 or GLE is a great option. Both vehicles provide great performance capabilities, roomy interiors, and eye-catching designs.

However, after reading through our BMW X5 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLE review, it’s clear the X5 is the better choice. To learn more and to experience this SUV for yourself, visit us at BMW of Fort Walton Beach today.

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